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Defiantly Watch The Age of Adaline Online Movie Download HD)
Defiantly Watch The Age of Adaline Online Movie HD

Defiantly Watch The Age of Adaline Online Movie HD)

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A young woman, born at the turn of 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality for. After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman has lived a solitary existence, never allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones reignites her passion for life and romance. When a weekend with his parents threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever.



Cast chosen are all well suited to the characters; they performed as if the story was theirs to share ~ A love story that will test the assumptions of viewers. Enjoyable, well acted, well done. A plausible plot supported by characters and settings that make plausible more than probable.


Our preview audience appeared surprised at the chance to see a great cast in a simple story of love. Laughter because Harrison Ford holds a mirror to the lives of the audience, and we see ourselves. Blake Lively never gives us a hint of deviation from her assumed promise.


Lots of historical fact that interests rather than bores the mind, and never obscures the journey we're following with the characters. Michiel Huisman plays innocence with persistence, grace, and a smile; we laugh and cheer him on. Ellen Burstyn plays a subtle catalyst role. Kathy Baker always seems to pull the characters together, and none of the cast can take away our interest from the science and character of Adaline. I'll see it again, in the theater for the larger than life characters. Thanks crew, staff, and actors.



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